By the time I graduated, I had 10 A’s and 11 F’s

Everything that bothered me, everything that gave me shame or guilt, I had it discussed with at least one person; and people didn’t reject me. Today, I have a successful career with an MNC as Software Development Engineer.

Academically, I went through a really tough time at IIT Kanpur. It is not an experience that I boast about or am comfortable sharing publicly. I have, therefore, concealed my identity so that my co-workers do not stop taking me seriously. I have not yet mustered enough courage to share the truth with many others who are very close to me. Still, there are enough details that I am willing to share so that the readers may find my story helpful in their own struggle.

Humble beginnings

I was a good student like most of you. In high school, I was a District topper in Bihar Board 10th exam and had topped School from 8th onwards. For the 12th grade, I received Rotary Scholarship, scholarship from local MLA, and my community also gave me monthly money for studies that I was to pay back without interest. I also tutored to support myself. My father, a 4th grade government employee, had limited income. I am the oldest of three boys. My mother is a house wife with little education. I wanted to get a job after 12th grade so that I could help my family. I applied for several jobs including a job as an Airman; but got rejected.  I started studies in a BSc program but did not complete it. Someone advised me to take the IIT-JEE. I was successful on my second attempt and secured a rank of 1600. I got admission at IITK in metallurgy. Rotary and our MLA did not give me any financial assistance to go to IIT. Lion’s Club, however, provided me with some financial assistance and IITK gave me merit-cum-means (MCM) scholarship. Things were looking good.

I could do it if I wanted to, but …

At IITK, I was like a kid in a candy store. There were too many things to do and try. I joined the Book Club, played computer games all day, read dirty books, etc…. You get the picture. In the first semester I got an SPI of 6.6. In the 2nd semester I failed all Courses and got an SPI of 2.0 and was put on academic probation. I lost my MCM scholarship. I needed to improve my CPI to get back the scholarship without which I would not be able to continue in the program.  I lied to my parents to get some money to survive. I also borrowed money from the Students Benefit Fund at IITK.

I did very well in my 3rd semester and got a SPI of 9.1. This got me back the MCM scholarship. The late Prof. R. Balasubramaniam was especially very helpful to me. But in the 4th semester again, my SPI dropped to 5.1. I took summer courses, and failed 2 out of 6 courses.

During the 4th semester, I developed romantic feelings for a local girl (not an IITK student). Things did not work out. It took me three years to get over the heartbreak. That did not help with my academics either.

I failed the Engineering Graphics course 3 times (skipped the exam all 3 times) , had to drop it in my 9th semester because of a time table clash and was the only course left in the 10th semester to do and passed it with a D Grade. Engineering Graphics professor Dr. Banerjee explained the need to pass the course and went out of his way to allow me to complete the labs that I had missed. However, that was something which was offered to me by other professors too. I did not accept their offers as I felt that they were doing me favor and would think less of me because of those favors. However, Dr. Banerjee appeared to be an educationist first and a grader second, which was why I felt comfortable in attending the extra labs.  When the F list came out and my name wasn’t there, I asked Dr. Banerjee if he had passed me out of mercy and he said, “No, you passed it on your own merit.”  I felt good.

I failed my B.Tech project thrice. (The professor failed everybody the first time. I didn’t appear for the presentation on the second attempt) and finally did both parts in the 9th semester. I wanted to do an excellent job on the B.Tech project and really put in some effort. Fortunately in the end I was able to find a topic which was interesting enough and a guide who was demanding but encouraging as well. Dr. Ashish Garg, my project advisor, was strict but was a perfectionist. Once I got interested in the project work, I realized that I too was a perfectionist. I enjoyed working with Prof. Garg. I did a great job on the project and got an A grade and also won best poster award in an international conference.

There were so many conflicting thoughts wreaking havoc in my mind. There was a guilt that I was sucking up my family resources for an education at IITK instead of helping the family that could hardly afford to make ends meet. I was not able to guide my younger brothers while I needed guidance myself. I knew that a degree from IIT was important to me but I was failing all these courses. I needed favors from professors but did not want to accept those favors as I was too proud. I saw that there were students at IITK who were good at sports, academics, social skills and here I was with poor grades, little social skills, and few friends. Did I even deserve to be at IITK? Was I punishing myself by failing in all these courses?

By the time I graduated with a BTech in MME, I had 10 A’s and 11 F’s and a grade sheet full of F * and FR * with a CGPA of 7.2/10.    Failing courses at IIT was a nightmare and I barely managed to survive that. I couldn’t get a job on campus though getting F’s had less of a role than my inability to clear the interviews. I had little communication skills.

What is surprising is not that I finally graduated in 5-years instead of 4, but how I kept going. How did I manage not to take the extreme step that some in my situation would have taken? What helped me? What can help others?

I almost killed myself…….What kept me going?

I got interested in Shiksha Sopan. The experience helped me understand that there are people who are in worse shape than I am. How can I give up? I have so much more. If they can see hope, I certainly can. I realized that I NEEDED an IITK degree. I deserved it! I could DO it. My conversations with Prof. H.C. Verma and my interaction with Shiksha Sopan kids kept me in touch with my roots.  I never got frustrated enough to lose faith in myself. Besides Prof. Verma, Professor Banerjee and Prof. Brahm Deo were very sympathetic and understanding.

During the 3rd semester I also attended the Art of Living course offered on campus on Yoga and Sudarshan Kriya. It gave me peace of mind.

After our 7th semester, the whole department went for an industrial tour of 10 days to Mumbai and Pune as part of the curriculum. I had a near death experience in Mumbai when I tried to board a running train in which my classmates had already boarded. It wasn’t a suicide attempt, just a mistake which could have ended my life.  I still remember it, train speeding up and I am trying to hold on to gate desperately trying to get in and suddenly I am thrown on the ground. Train is still running. Those few seconds, I thought I was under the train tracks and I was going to die. Those few seconds, my life flashed in front of me, my failings, my successes and my loved ones. All the cherished dreams and I remembered my mother, my family, the girl who had broken my heart and I realized I wanted to live. I was not ready for death. I loved my family and I wanted to see them, to go back home, to laugh with them and help them in their struggles. Who would be stupid enough to die when you have such loved ones to live for and so many dreams?

The reality of it was an eye opener. Having been so near death, I was convinced for life that suicide is simply not an option for anyone and even those who do it must be terribly afraid in those last few moments of their life. But perhaps by that time it would have been too late for them. Regardless of my failures and whether or not I got the IIT degree, it was clear to me that I would never do anything to harm myself. My life wasn’t my own. I owed it to the people who brought me to this world, who trusted me and gave all they had so that I could have a better life and were counting on me to graduate and help them. I owed it to all those people who had enriched my life by just being there for me. I couldn’t die before I had fulfilled my duties to them, not even by accident, forget by suicide.

When I went back home that year, I told my parents about the incident. Even before I told what I saw and remembered, my mother was in tears. My father told me that my mother had dreamed about it almost at the same time I had the accident. (It was about 8 pm in winters and people sleep early at my home) and I realized the world is connected in more ways than you can imagine and perhaps there is a God after all. I turned to God for my answers. Soon afterwards I joined ISKCON.

My experience with ISKCON was very positive. It gave me emotional resilience. The philosophy of “leave results to Krishna, just do your best” encouraged me whenever I found myself in a hole. And I was in hole often! How can it get worse? I just have to stop digging the hole.

I realized that everything changes. Nothing is permanent.  I learned to keep going believing that this phase will pass too. Many who take extreme step of committing suicide remain bottled up. They take every failure too seriously. They take every failure as a reflection of poor self-worth. I never let my failures frustrate or depress me enough to give up believing in myself.

There was one more reason why I didn’t take the extreme step. Everything that bothered me, everything that gave me shame or guilt, I had it discussed with at least one other person; and people didn’t reject me. There was one thing, that could have caused me to take extreme step … it wasn’t academics or grades. But it was a cause for my poor grades. I still cannot talk about it even to my closest family members. I discussed it with Dr. Alok Bajpai, the psychiatrist at the counseling service at IITK. He gave me a medical reason for my problem and said it was okay. While his acceptance didn’t take away the guilt, however, it gave me enough support that I didn’t think about taking the extreme step. Overall counseling service staff was very helpful especially Mrs. Sharmishtha Chakraborty and Dr. Onkar Dixit. However, my academic performance continued to be lackluster.

Life after IITK

Life did not go smoothly even after graduation from IITK. I felt maladjusted in my first job. I was not getting along with my co-workers and roommates. I changed 5 houses in 4 years. A friend recommended and agreed to pay for the Landmark Education course His condition was that he would pay for the course and I would return him the money only if I found the course useful. It proved to be a life saver. The course helped me to be at ease with myself no matter what the circumstances were. It gave me the power to effectively act in those areas that were important to me. It made me aware of my thinking process and guided me in my action plan. It released me from the clutches of my past and helped me look at the future. I felt like I could now move on.

Didn’t employers care about my 11F’s?

I couldn’t get a job on campus though getting F’s had less of role than my inability to clear the interviews. I had little communication skills. I sought friends’ help. They conducted mock interviews and helped me improve. A friend of mine who graduated from IIT Delhi, who himself found a job after being rejected 25 times, gave me an e-mail address of the CEO of his employer. I got hired because I demonstrated my analytical skills, logical thinking, and ability to learn fast. I could convince them that I was passionate about things that interested me and overall I am a hardworking individual.

Many of my interviewers were not convinced by my explanations for why I ended up getting so many F’s. There were also several companies that did not care about grades — to them what mattered was that I had graduated from an IIT and had done well in the written test and interview. Most of my F’s were in the courses that I did not care about. I was good at software. That is what I wanted to do, but I could not change my branch at IITK. In interviews I emphasized what I was good at and did not try to explain my weaknesses. I submitted my grade sheet everywhere and HR or background verification team didn’t have an issue.

Fast forward 6 years. I am currently working at a multi-national technology company. Drawing about the same salary as B.Tech CSE guys (I am from MME) with equivalent years of experience, performing the same roles. I also had a pretty satisfying stint at a startup which I joined as the 4th employee with one year of experience and stayed there for 3 years.

What would I tell someone struggling for grades?

Find what you are good at. Do well in those courses. Don’t invite Fs, Don’t purposely Fail Courses and do not think that getting an F is perfectly fine or a celebration time. However, if you do get F’s, do not despair. Do not take your failures too seriously.  Even if you genuinely struggle, Remember, there is nothing permanent; this phase will pass too. Talk to people. Talk to even Mean professors. They are not as mean as they appear to be. Have faith in yourself. Connect with the community. Look at the people who are in much worse situations than you are in. Finish the degree. Get a job, any job. (specially in software field). Prove your worth. IITK has taught you more than you think. Switch to another job if you are not happy. You have to find your passion; you have to find what you are good at and go after it. Don’t worry what anybody else thinks about your “success”. Don’t get in the rat race.

I found following books to be specially helpful. Reviews inline.

1. The Reverse Journey by Vivek Kumar Singh (Rs 95)
Packed in 124 pages with NO masala and true realism, The Reverse Journey is a novel where The Author an IITian of 1996 batch, takes the normal path taken by lakhs of Middle Class people in India, observes the society and people around him as they evolve and presents a compelling story, that most of us can relate to. The Reverse Journey is a novel which evolves through a series of seamless short stories and each story by itself is an inspiration in itself.
Books Reviews :
Flipkart : (Rs 95)
HomeShop18 :
2. The Three Laws of Performance: Rewriting the Future of Your Organization and Your Life  by Steve Zaffron. 
The laws of performance are universal. That is, any time people are involved in a situation, the laws apply. They aren’t steps or tips, but general principles that are always at work. They are also phrased in a precise way, to give maximum insight and applicability. The laws are:
1. How people perform correlates to how situations occur to them.
2. How situations occur arises in language.
3. Future based language transforms how situations occur to people.

3. Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life by Marshall B. Rosenberg 

Google Books : ( Half of book in Preview)
174 of 177 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Profound! The most important book I’ve ever read. December 17, 2003

Initially I thought this book wouldn’t be relevant to me since I didn’t consider myself a “violent” communicator. A few pages into the book however, it became evident to me that despite my easy-going nature, I had much to learn about communication. Dr. Rosenberg identifies learned communication that disconnects us from each other and is at the very root of violence. He then offers a simple yet powerful 4 step model that leads to respectful and compassionate communication. One catch – while the model is simple, it can be challenging to apply, especially when we’re upset. That’s because most of us have learned to blame others when we’re upset and it’s hard to unlearn this behavior.

133 of 139 people found the following review helpful
This latest edition of Dr. Rosenberg’s book has a completely new chapter called, “Connecting Compassionately with Ourselves.” It’s about what he calls, “self-compassion.” He writes, “When we are internally violent towards ourselves, it is difficult to be genuinely compassionate towards others.” I enjoyed this chapter because it helped me translate my self-judgments into statements of my own unmet needs.
Indian Edition Not Available. Imported only, but worth it.

The alumnus featured graduated from IITK with BTech in Metallurgy. He has still not resolved many issues in his life and therefore prefers to remain anonymous. We encourage you to post your comments on the blog or communicate with him via


103 thoughts on “By the time I graduated, I had 10 A’s and 11 F’s

  1. I could see echoes of my own experiences in these two articles and I thought I should write a brief post. I am a former IITian and I completed my BTech from a metro IIT a few decades ago.

    I am a 5 pointer who vegetated comfortably at the bottom of his class. I am an accomplished maestro of the art of getting DDs, XXs, FFs: you name the grade and I am sure I have it somewhere in my transcripts. I even achieved the perfect 4.0 by getting DDs in all courses of my first semester. If it wasn’t for my project and elective grades I could well have finished a 4 pointer! Such was my campus reputation that my scholarly peers dreaded the idea of me being thrown into their lab group. I have been in trouble with the institute authorities for various infractions more times than I care to remember. I was a complete mess!

    It’s been a long journey since those days and I am now a Professor in a great University that is consistently ranked among the top 20 in the world. I now spend my time doing things that well-established academics do such as heading a highly productive research group, managing research grants, teaching undergraduate and graduate level courses, giving invited talks, writing articles and books, etc. Given what I do for a living and the inherent snootiness of academia, I am not going to shout from the rooftops about my rather colorful BTech days. But I still haven’t forgotten my roots and the experiences that shaped who I am today.

    I do occasionally ask myself how in the hell did I end up a Professor? How did I end up teaching courses to a bunch of exceptional students that I myself either flunked or barely survived not too long ago? I vividly recall the time when I loathed the cut-throat environment that the IIT system fosters. I simply wanted to complete my degree and run as far away as possible in pursuit of my rock n’ roll dreams. What made me take a 180 degree turn and pursue a career in academia?? Don’t get me wrong – I love being a Professor and I wouldn’t do anything else for love or for money.

    To cut my story short: my life turned around when I realized during my BTech project that I am a rebel without a cause who is simply not cut out to excel in traditional lecture and exam based systems. I am a free thinker who enjoys working everything out on my own in an unregimented environment and I can bring out the best in myself when attacking open-ended research problems. Armed with this insight, I could break the shackles that bound me and finally fly. Needless to say, my own experiences as a highly distracted and demotivated IITian have shaped my teaching pedagogy and made me a better teacher well-tuned to the differing needs of students.

    I do not wish to end my post with unsolicited advice but I hope you find my story somewhat inspiring. Take it easy and try to enjoy what is probably the most formative phase of your life.

    Best wishes,

    Professor Anonymous

    • Dear Sir,
      Thanks for sharing the story. Your story would have been a real inspiration to me. I wanted to go for MS/PHD and peruse an academic career. I even had talks with some of my professors regarding this. Some faculty members were helpful also and suggested that I should take admission in M.Tech in IITK itself or IISc . If I did really good in M.Tech then I would be able to get PHD in good universities of world. I had a GATE rank of under 40 in MME and had a seat in IITK for M.Tech.
      I also get an initial suggestion from a professor, who had seen me work in my B.Tech project that there is a professor (in US) in his field, who is looking for a good student. But it didn’t sound convincing.
      I didn’t go that path. The risks were great and there was not a single concrete example of a person, who made it to top universities with the F list that I had. The Fs were a stigma and I didn’t know if regardless of my achievements at later stage an IIT will hire . In industry, at least I knew a couple of people who had graduated and doing earning and I chose to follow the more secure path that will get me earning.
      Thanks for sharing it.

    • Hello Sir,

      The story that you posted really inspired me. I am also a student in IIT. My grades are really poor. I am going to graduate next year. I want go for higher studies. But I am sure I am not going to get admission in any good university and funding is not even in my dreams. I am feeling so stuck with my bad grades. I don’t even have good communication skills. All I can say that after reading this blog i can say that this is not end of my carrier.

    • To cut my story short: my life turned around when I realized during my BTech project that I am a rebel without a cause who is simply not cut out to excel in traditional lecture and exam based systems. I am a free thinker who enjoys working everything out on my own in an unregimented environment and I can bring out the best in myself when attacking open-ended research problems. Armed with this insight, I could break the shackles that bound me and finally fly. Needless to say, my own experiences as a highly distracted and demotivated IITian have shaped my teaching pedagogy and made me a better teacher well-tuned to the differing needs of students.

      Sir please mail me at

      I would like t discuss about this with you

  2. Really a very inspirational story telling everyone not to worry whatever may be the circumstances just fight for yourself……. however I don’t know abt landmark course but AOL is just fraud… you say that you felt peaceful after AOL, well obviously every kind of meditation and yoga does the same thing i.e. give u piece of mind but AOL is marketing it like crazy and saying that SSRS is god

    • Art of Living, Landmark and ISCKON all three are word of mouth marketed courses and quite heavily. I personally have reservations about their aggressive marketing and do not agree with some of their beliefs, but at least they come from people who have benefited from the course rather than celebrities. All of them have strong community inside, and the community goes at great length at times to help you out. That I found really beneficial. Anything in this world will have its pros and cons. Our aim should be to absorb the best out of anything, rather than refusing to learn because of differences. Landmark worked best for me, partly because Landmark has the largest community support and I paid most attention to its teachings.
      On a side note, which thing in the world isn’t marketed. Isn’t IIT Branded marketed, or how about Apple Products, Windows, Cars/Bikes/All Beauty Products, all your cool gadgets and even Wine/Cigarrete/Soft Drinks. But we don’t go on shouting that all Shampoos are Fraud (and celebrities marketing them would never have used them). 😛

      • I have been thinking around augmenting this section as soon as I posted previous one, but didn’t get time to do it. I feel shampoo wasn’t really a good example and I should have mentioned what other courses etc are available.
        To answer you previous question, Yes. Any meditation helps and there are quite a good ones in India and mostly free.
        Vipassana, based on Buddha’s mediation, couple of my people in my circle did it and found it really good. I myself had planned to do it, but couldn’t afford taking a break of 10 days from job
        Vivekananda, the all Time Inspiring Youth Icon, Read him even 1% and you don’t any Landmark. I would love if 3 day action packed course about his teachings from Adaita Ashrama
        I did Art of Living Course 3 times. Same first level Course. First time ( 2002), it brought me huge benefits, 2nd time(2004) was average and 3rd time (2009) was indifferent. But I primarily hold myself responsible for that. First time I was very open, 3rd time, I was focused on something else altogether and was just going through the motions. Also, logically, I didn’t see how meditation would help me in my relationship , personal, professional issues. So I went to Landmark, quite accidentally, actually to get in good books of my new to be flat mate, who had done the course, stayed with 3 other people in a small 2 BHK. I had changed 5 flats just in 2 yrs before (2007-09), had stayed with all good friends, but had managed to get in serious argument with just one flatmate ( in 2 places). In startup of just 20 ppl, I worked hard and had good technical knowledge, decent relation with tech team, but got into arguments with business team (more often blasted because some of these guys were 10 yrs senior in experience level). So I reasoned, Landmark which promised you to ” Live a LIFE which You Love” wasn’t a bad choice. Specially, immediately, it was giving me new flatmates :P. Well, Once inside, Landmark turned the Earth upside down for me in a good way. It showed me where all I was lacking and didn’t even realize it. How my personality got formed and why I behave the way I behave. It allowed me to peel the onion called LIFE, and put it together. Much like you do the data modeling. And It was a HUGE life Saver.
        Disclaimer : Landmark is not for everyone. It challenges and questions the values that you and society have held dear to your chest since your birth. So, better be prepared. Attending an introduction will tell you whether it is for you or not. Google out landmark videos on youtube.

    • Syllabus of Landmark Education .. It doesn’t talk religion and it is compatible with all religions .. Action Oriented .. You will find it more suited to your needs/belief … I do find it more aligned with my personality/beliefs .. Only thing, it is available only in select cities .. (Delhi , Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai , Hyderabad) and I would recommend that one should do 3 month seminar that comes along with it. Landmark moves Earth Upside down and quite literally. So better have someone who has also done Landmark and can listen to you individually and support you. If you have neither done seminar nor have a support beside u, then applying its teachings in real life is gonna be a bit tough. ( I feel it is still worth it). 3 and half days are still good.

  3. Thanks for sharing your real story. I am not iitk alumini, my friend rahul (a iitk alumini-mme) shared the article link on facebook, then i read the article, and i got inspired (jab jago, tab savera hai).

    • Very True. Only thing, I didn’t know how to wake up also. Funny, isn’t it .. But that is what happens in real life .. You sometimes need an external push or total disruption in your life to have the wake up call. For me, near death experience and Landmark and sharing my story on Alumni Connect blog were one .. 8 of my relationship issues are solved in last 2 months. 5 in last 2 weeks. The trick, I changed my Frame of Reference to look through the eyes of people around me. (family members/ex-boss/best friend turned enemy). And as I looked at the their world through their eyes. I suddenly understood, why they did the things that they did and I had a huge respect towards them and compassion towards them. I shared my realization with all of them and got example of Shiva’s family by my father. In real life, Mouse (Ganesh’s vahan) is food for Serpent (Lord Shiva’s favourite) which is food Garuda (Lord Karthikeya’s vahan). Lord Shiva’s Vahan bull is a food for Lion (Maa Parvati’s vahan) and yet they live happily and there is no mention of discord within the family ever. So as long as we understand each other and have respect for each other. Even diverging and conflicting opinions can stay together. And I immediately understood his profound knowledge. Which Landmark Forum or Personality development Course would teach me such profound knowledge. ? And he didn’t go to any great schools (studied till class 8th), doesn’t sit with the educated class during work (working staff at base/bottom layer in his department), but has great and highly intellectual friends at Kabir Ashrama.

    • Most of my batchmates have done quite well in Professional life judging by their Linkedin profiles. But irony is most have removed MME from our Linked in profiles .. Reason being : IIT Adds value in this competitive professional world. But glamorous branches are CSE/EE . Second, have a look at IITK MME website and you will know that it is seriously outdated and doesn’t have even information. In Today’s world, Information is Power. That would explain why you don’t get to know much about MME Alumni. They are doing as good as others.

  4. You could certainly see your enthusiasm in the work you write ON . The world hopes for even more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to say how they believe. Always follow your heart. Wonderful!

  5. Hi there, I discovered your website via Google even as searching for a related matter, your website got here up, it appears to be like great. I have bookmarked it in my google bookmarks. Wish you luck!

  6. Sir , this one is one of the most inspiring article i have ever read. thank you so much for writing this.
    i am a student of MSE in IITK. My academic life is also going through one of the worst phase . I got a SPI of 5.1 in my 1st sem. I was really despaired but confident that i will do my best in the next sem but again it was all the same (SPI 4.8). I was really demoralised. And i also started believing on a few seniors who said that your overall CPI always hang around your 1st year CPI. But still i thought that i will not give up so easily and dreamt of getting a 10 next semester and prove everybody that yes i can also do something better than you all. But thanks to the LAN port in the new rooms,because of which the situation became worse. Most of my time was spent in facebook, coding(only useful thing i have done till now in my IIT life ) , online gaming , watches etc which i use to think was the real fun of life. And few days before the end sem exams i knew that this semester is going to be a disaster for me(and it was). I was going through a really pathetic situation but still there was hope. But now i thought that first of all i should tell everything to my parents about what i am and how much time i have wasted on these useless things and to my surprise they were not angry or sad at all. They said that its good that i realised my mistake myself. Now i was really really inspired. I made a super plan for the winter break dedicated to only programming and yes i followed it. For the first time after the JEE preparation days i have followed any time table. Now i realized that not having enough time is just an excuse.
    But last week only my grades were out. I failed in four subjects(SPI 2.6). But it didn’t bothered me much because it was quite expected.
    Sir, my next sem is about to begin in a few days and i really really need your help on how to go through rest of my journey. I would really like to be in touch with u.
    My email id is (email-id-removed)

  7. Dear Sir,
    What to do…. if I don’t know what I am good at.
    I am a 3rd year Btech(CSE) student— CPI : 5.9. & currently fighiting for grades.
    Please Help.

  8. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing inspirational insight into your own life with us. Something you mentioned before your near death experience echoes with what I recently read. I’m sharing this for the benefit of everyone who comes here. Here is an excerpt from Robert Greene’s Mastery (begins with quotation marks)

    A guy decides to commit suicide as he felt he failed in life and let everybody down (my made up context).

    ” As he walked toward the water, he mentally prepared himself for death. Suddenly something stopped him in his tracks—what he would describe later as a voice, coming from nearby or perhaps from within him. It said, “From now on you need never await temporal attestation to your thought. You think the truth. You do not have the right to eliminate yourself. You do not belong to you. You belong to Universe. Your significance will remain forever obscure to you, but you may assume that you are fulfilling your role if you apply yourself to converting your experiences to the highest advantage of others.” Never having heard voices before, Fuller could only imagine it as something real. Stunned by these words, he turned away from the water and headed home.”

    Also from the beginning of Eckhart Tolle’s Power of Now – “You are here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold. That’s how important you are!”

    I believe there is a true calling in everyone’s life and our purpose on earth is to know what our true calling is. 🙂

  9. sir,
    i m b-tech 1st year student from department of technology,shivaji university kolhapur. sir i fail in all suaject in 1st subject. for this reason i decided that i leave my b-tech course but when i read your b-tech experience i have decided strongly i will never get far away from my ambition
    THANK YOU SIR for had been my INSPIRATION

  10. Someone essentially help to make severely posts I’d state. That is the first time I frequented your website page and to this point? I surprised with the research you made to create this actual post extraordinary. Fantastic task!

  11. You’re so cool! I don’t believe I’ve truly read a single thing like that before.
    So nice to find another person with a few genuine thoughts on this issue.
    Really.. thanks for starting this up. This website is one thing that is required on the
    web, someone with some originality!

  12. Being a Bihari I know the stubbornness in bihari students either they will do the things in their own way or they escape it …….may i know from where u belong from in bihar?……………..anyway the experience you have shared is an eye-opener to many others and great source of inspiration

  13. Similarly i getting back long continuously..I try to do better but i get ‘F’.Right now i am in IIT KGP for M-TECH Dual degree in Meta Dep.

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